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Ganga Maiya Temple

ganga maiyya temple

Ganga Maiya Temple is located at Jhalmala, near Balod-Durg road, in Balod Tehsil of Chattisgarh. It is a religious place with historic importance. This temple has a glorifying bliss and a very enchanting history. Originally, Ganga Maiya temple was constructed by a local fisherman in the form of a small hut. A local religious belief of Balod is related to the origin of Ganga Maiya Temple. Initially, the temple was built in form of a small hut. Several devotees donated a good amount of money which helped to construct it into a proper temple complex. Since it is located on the Balod – Durg road, it’s absolutely convenient to reach the shrine from any district of Chhattisgarh

Siya Devi Temple and Waterfall

siya devi templeSiyaDevi Temple is in Balod district of Chhattisgarh. This place is famous for Sita Maiya’s temple, situated in the heart of greenery of natural jungle. The temple  is very old and there is a Natural waterfall. It has been told that, Lord Rama has visited this place during his exile along with Laxman & Sita. The waterfall nearby it attracts many tourist which enhances its importance among the pilgrims of India. It’s one of the best tourist destinations in Chattisgarh

Tandula Dam

tandula damTandula dam  is located 5 km from Balod in Durg districtThe dam site is beautiful with great view of large water body. The water to Bhilai Steel Plant is supplied from here.There is Sua resort near the dam which is managed by Chhattisgarh tourism and this is the only place near the dam for dining.The dam is good or picnic and is quite beautiful specially at sunrise and sunset.